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There are no restrictions for foreigners buying properties in Germany

There are several types of taxes and fees a purchaser should pay when buying a house or apartment in Germany:

  • Transfer tax is between 3.5% and 5% of the property price
  • for example Bavaria 3,5 %
  • Registration at the land registry costs 0.8-1.2% of the selling price
  • The notary / laywer fee can be up to 2% of the price
  • Fees for any translators or lawyers you may need
  • Bank fees for transferring the amount for the estate to the seller (between 0.1 and 1%, depending on the price of the property)
  • Estate agency 3,57 % (incl. VAT)

German municipalities also collect an annual tax on land/property - the Grundsteuer. Its net total depends on the assessed value of the property using a basic federal rate of 0.35%. This amount is then multiplied by several coefficients to calculate the final tax due. The effective rate is between 0.98% and 2.84% of the monetary value, the average rate is 1.9% (2013).


You live in Switzerland:

EU/EFTA citizens

As an EU/EFTA citizen living in Switzerland, you enjoy the same rights as Swiss citizens when it comes to buying real estate, meaning you do not need a permit.

Third-country nationals

You do not require a permit to buy a main residence (e.g. single-family house or owner-occupied flat) or building land where you live if you meet the following requirements:

  • You hold a valid residence permit, generally a B permit for foreign nationals.
  • You will live in that main residence for as long as you hold residence in that location.
  • If you wish to build on the land that you have purchased, you must do so within one year.

You will require a permit in order to purchase the following types of apartment:

  • Holiday apartment
  • Housing unit in an apparthotel (hotel with flats)
  • Second home

Owning real estate in Switzerland does not confer any entitlement to a residence permit.

You live abroad:

If you live abroad, you may purchase real estate but certain restrictions apply.

For more informations please contact our office!


Basically Austrians and the European Union (EU) citizens can easily acquire real estate and land for sale.

There are some restrictions for citizens of non-EU countries.

We would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation.

Incidential costs associated with a property purchase in Austria:

  • Property transfer tax 3,5 %
  • Registration fee 1,1 %
  • Estate agency 3,6 % ( incl. Vat.)
  • Lawyer or Notary 2 to 4 % for purchase agreement and trustee ship